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The Visionaries

Our Directors

Jozua Malherbe

Jozua has a magnetism that attracts awards and this is attributed to the time he taught wolves to dance in the twilight...

Lourens Van Rensburg

The Head Hancho, rumor has it that he taught El Chapo everything he knows...

Siphiwe 'SJ' Myeza Mhlambi

1993-2019 - The late Great ``Sjijo``, an unrivaled talented indivudual who could tell stories like no other. His wisdom and vision still echo throughout 7FIlms...

Lazola Gola

The Not-Funny Guy. Apparently he was once a comedian like his brother, Loyiso Gola.

Ndumiso Sibanda

They say when Ndumiso tells a story, the whole of Africa is watching and listening...

Kevin Fitzgerald

Legends have been told of Kevin's mastery of the visual medium, and they are all true...